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Femdom for Everyone


“Is it bizarre dominating men, sissies and gurls? I’m sure you must hear a lot of strange things.”

This is the question I get most frequently with new submissives who tend to ask it rather sheepishly and suspicious that they already know the answer. They seem unfailing surprised though when I enthusiastically answer yes to both questions.

I think there are two reasons for this:

1.) The think such “a nice girl like me” couldn’t possible have the kinky impulses. Naughty and nice are not mutually exclusive characteristics though. Yes I can be nice, and yet I can also be a harsh bitch. In fact, I think that’s what makes a femdom so arresting to serve; you know the nice comes out only when it’s earned and the naught streak that bubbles with excitement over your pain is just as eager to make you shake with pleasure.

Such is the duality of humankind and nature itself. Is it strange? Sure, but everyone is when you scratch beneath the surface the only real strangers are those people you think you know well. Therein lies the fun of the beautifully and alluring oddity of the face we all have different kinks

2.) Some pets especially novices to the fetish seem to be unduly hard on themselves in regards to discovering their scintillating side.

This is a real hurdle to overcome because not only do I love playing with “creeps, freaks, sluts and perverts but I consider myself all of that as well. So long as it’s consensual, legal and adult CSS etc I’m game.

So to all you subbies snubbing yourselves, Stop it! I command it. That’s my privilege, not yours. Go carry on and get to being the best little slutpup you can be.. I’m the ballbuster here not you ūüėČ


That’s My Bag Baby




I received a sweet email from one of my dear sissies in regards to my Purse-nality. She¬†wanted to know what my main purse of choice ¬†was -not of the evening clutch or special occasion variety, but the day in and day out bag I used as well as the . . . → Read More: That’s My Bag Baby

Gurl Crush

Hello my lovely sissies!! Sometimes a picture is worth a 1,000 words so let’s go with a few of ¬†those to start with.


Who is this lovely lady -other than my new gurl crush of course?


Sasha Brastoff!

Sasha was born Samuel Brostofsky and was a dancer for the Cleveland . . . → Read More: Gurl Crush

Pretty Dress Up Pet Update


Hello Sissies! I have a wonderful little humiliation whore I want to share with you today! I have talked about this li‚Äôl pet of mine that I share with another fabulous Mistress before in Co-Opt Kink Part 1 and Part 2 over on my blog. ‚ÄúShe‚ÄĚ has really come . . . → Read More: Pretty Dress Up Pet Update

Sissy Horoscope 2016

Zodiac Signs by the Amazing Erte

Just for fun ūüėČ

Air Signs: (Gemini Gals, Libra Ladies, & Aquarius Enchanters) 2016 will be a year of a reprieve and relaxation after a rather unsettled 2015. All the stress of the past will dissipate and you‚Äôll feel a resurgence of creativity with many of . . . → Read More: Sissy Horoscope 2016

A Little Panty Panache




Hello all my Sissy Missies!

I wanted to send you all some kudos for showing off and sharing with me so many lovely pairs of panties, bras, corsets and nighties.

I especially love missy Monica’s cut-out heart bikini pair. When¬†it was time to break out the ¬†paddle, spanking that epicenter heart until it glowed red . . . → Read More: A Little Panty Panache

DIY Sissy Lipstick


So my friends and I have been scouting the internet and magazines to try out some of the hottest DIY Beauty and Fashion Trends and I’m pleased to announce siss-tacular blog-post will be about: 



-Doing so allows . . . → Read More: DIY Sissy Lipstick