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Painless Beauty Tips: Sissy Skin Plus Smiles

Painless Beauty Tips: Sissy Skin Plus Smiles

Which of the following are beauty tools and which are torture devices?

Painless Beauty? I think not..Ouch!Yes, this is for real!

Soft Summery Sissy Skin Does NOT Require This

Trick question! They are all vintage beauty tools and only incidentally tortuous. “Beauty is pain” as the saying goes and every lady, gurl  and sissy knows that the path to feeling truly glam can be an arduous one. But never fear! I collected and compiled a few of my favorite easy and downright relaxing ways to pamper your way to beautification. Now, I realize some of you, my lovely pets, are masochists, but for the rest of you that prefer a softer more comfortable way to attain a gorgeous countenance, these ideas are for you.  It’s been said it’s better to look good than feel good, BUT I disagree. Both looking and feeling good is possible.

Both is best

Painless Beauty Tips

 Sissy Skin

  • Learn a simple but effective hand massage using online tutorials. Here’s what I learned: The technique of Effleurage (circular stroking movement using the palm of your hand. French word meaning “to skim” or “to touch lightly) and using whipped Shea butter with a few drops of lavender and clove oil is a wonderful way to relax your way to radiant and supple skin. This aids in circulation and moisturizes while keeping those hands looking young and flawless.
  • Steam Clean Facial: Use a towel over a warm pot filled with water boiled and steaming. You can infuse it with essential oils and/or cinnamon sticks for an additional aromatic therapeutic effect. It’s pore-fect for a dewy complexion.
  • Use a little apple cider vinegar plus water or freshly brewed green tea to combat oily skin and tone before moisturizing.
  • Make like Sleeping Beauty: Magic can occur while we rest and regroup. Wear Aloe-infused lotion under cozy socks -so comfy you can sleep the while. This is a wonderful way to get soft feminine feet.

Your Lush Cock Sucking Lips Can be used in many Ways

  • Smile! Let that inner beauty radiate out with a perky pucker.  Those sweet lips are for more than just milking dick.. The smile has been called the most beautiful curve on the human form so use it. Your smile is the only essential fashion accessory adorning the soul, it’s your spirit’s signature.

Feminine Sexy Eyes

Peep Show Peepers

“I keep hearing about eyelash extensions. Should I try them to make my eyes really pop?” -Gemma (from a Q/A email)

I honestly can’t speak from personal experience when it comes to using eyelash extensions. However, I looked into it a bit and conferred with one of my beautician friends. . . . → Read More: Feminine Sexy Eyes

Yield to Temptation

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. -Oscar Wilde

Admit it, the lure of lace and sweet embrace of satin has always had a hold on you. The sweet caress of a nice tight pair of panties cradling your curves sounds divine.

The feel of Haute . . . → Read More: Yield to Temptation

A Full-Blown Sissy by Any Other Name….



Hello Snickerdoodles and tinsel tarts! I have had a sissy on my mind for a while now. Well, at least I think of this particular caller a full-blown official sissy. This said pet, let’s call her “Annabel”, does not think that sissy is an accurate title. You see, Annabel . . . → Read More: A Full-Blown Sissy by Any Other Name….

Pretty Panty Play

Pretty Panty Play

This is a pic of one of my fave pairs of panties. Unlike the photo, they aren’t blurry in person -unless I’m excited and bouncy that is. 😉

What do you think? Aren’t they cute?? Wouldn’t you love to feel the silky lace? It’s soft and . . . → Read More: Pretty Panty Play

Fall Fashion


As an exhibitionist that enjoys many different looks from over the top rocker edge, froth and frill to demure and understated, and even terrifically tacky, I tend to dress as my mood suits me with considerations more to the weather’s seasonal temps than the newest fashion forecasts. My instinct tends to lead . . . → Read More: Fall Fashion

Gurl Crush: The Grand Empress of Savannah

Gurl Crush: The Lady Chablis:  Daring Debutante of Drag

AKA Brenda Dale Knox (March 11, 1957 – September 8, 2016)

It is in celebration of this vibrant supernova of a lady and loving remembrance that I dedicate this post to: the always lovely Chablis who is currently performing her angelic striptease among . . . → Read More: Gurl Crush: The Grand Empress of Savannah

Femdom for Everyone


“Is it bizarre dominating men, sissies and gurls? I’m sure you must hear a lot of strange things.”

This is the question I get most frequently with new submissives who tend to ask it rather sheepishly and suspicious that they already know the answer. They seem unfailing surprised though when . . . → Read More: Femdom for Everyone

That’s My Bag Baby



I received a sweet email from one of my dear sissies in regards to my Purse-nality. She wanted to know what my main purse of choice  was -not of the evening clutch or special occasion variety, but the day in and day out bag I used as well as the . . . → Read More: That’s My Bag Baby

Gurl Crush

Hello my lovely sissies!! Sometimes a picture is worth a 1,000 words so let’s go with a few of  those to start with.


Who is this lovely lady -other than my new gurl crush of course?


Sasha Brastoff!

Sasha was born Samuel Brostofsky and was a dancer for the Cleveland . . . → Read More: Gurl Crush