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Wax Hacks

Wax Hacks

-Caffeine can make us more sensitized to pain. So nix the coffee beforehand.

-Hair that is 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch long is the ideal for when you are waxing so plan your waxing schedule accordingly. You want it long enough to grip the hair but not so long it will compromise the stickiness of the wax. Trim beforehand if necessary.

-Wash and exfoliate but don’t moisturize pre-waxing. You want the wax to properly adhere to the hair.  You can use talc-free powder or baking soda to sob up any excess moisture.

-Test a strip on your arm first.  If you are using hot wax this will ensure it’s at the right temperature and even if you are using cold wax strips, it will give you an idea of what it will feel like and indicate if your skin is too sensitive or allergic to the wax.

-When you are certain the wax has been applied evenly in the direction of the hair growth, you then firmly pull in the opposite direction. The tauter you hold your skin and the faster you pull, the better it will work and the less it will hurt.

Post Waxing:

-Moisturize! I love using cooling aloe gel and Post Shaving Moisturizer by Pacific Shaving Company (works for post-waxing just as effectively).  They do make numbing gel and topical analgesics that are safe for even the delicate bikini zone if you are worried about discomfort. A cool compress like a hand towel to apply pressure with works well immediately after waxing too. If you are a painslut, then nevermind -you’ll be in heaven!

– Your skin will be more sensitized to sun so if you are planning to wax your legs or other sun-visible areas, use extra strong sunscreen before frolicking outside for some sun fun.

-If you are doing your bikini zone, give yourself a day or so to heal before sexual play. Rubbing can cause irritation and while I know you want to revel in how smooth you are, you must practice a little patience.



Sissy Squeak Toy

Sissy Squeak Toy

Today one of my best sissy pets came over and we decided for a DIY stay-in-spa day full of pampering and chick flicks. The most intriguing and unexpected surprise awaited me after we painted each other’s toes; iridescent hot pink for her and dark sparkling crimson for me. Somehow our pedicures . . . → Read More: Sissy Squeak Toy

You May Be A Sissy Cuck Cock Slut

Do you think you may be an SCCS  A Sissy Cuck Cock Slut? How many of the below questions resonate with you?

You May Be A Sissy Cuck Cock Slut  If…

-Do you dream/daydream about cock?

-Is your sissy-pussy palpitating at the mere thought of being put in something lacy or . . . → Read More: You May Be A Sissy Cuck Cock Slut

Best Lube for the Slide & Glide

  Best Lube for the Ol’ Slide and Glide


Missy Claire asked me in an email (which she is graciously letting me share for this post) what my favorite lube is since she needed some for her sissy-pussy toys. Well, it’s a matter of personal taste. Typically I only use a dab of . . . → Read More: Best Lube for the Slide & Glide

Hygge It Out 3

Make Merry and Get Cozy for Hygge Ideas Tea Time

One of my favorite ways to feel and share that warm sense of cozy, is to make tea and have friends over.  My favorite drink of choice is:

To Chai For

How to Make:  When you brew your Chai just add a little . . . → Read More: Hygge It Out 3

Hygge It Out 2

History of Hygge

Hygge is an interesting word. The etymological origins of it as well as its flexibility as different parts of speech m. It has been used as a noun and described as “a feeling of coziness” and “well-being” and as a verb meaning “to comfort or give comfort.”

Collins English Dictionary . . . → Read More: Hygge It Out 2

Hygge It Out

Hygge It Out

When we first feel the frosty nip of old jack frost tingling our toes, there is the jovial excitement of the oncoming celebrations to warm up our spirits and keep the blues at bay. Once we burn past the very last embers of the season however, (Nov-Ember, Dec-Ember) and well . . . → Read More: Hygge It Out

Painless Beauty Tips: Sissy Skin Plus Smiles

Painless Beauty Tips: Sissy Skin Plus Smiles Which of the following are beauty tools and which are torture devices?

Trick question! They are all vintage beauty tools and only incidentally tortuous. “Beauty is pain” as the saying goes and every lady, gurl  and sissy knows that the path to feeling truly glam can . . . → Read More: Painless Beauty Tips: Sissy Skin Plus Smiles

Feminine Sexy Eyes

Peep Show Peepers

“I keep hearing about eyelash extensions. Should I try them to make my eyes really pop?” -Gemma (from a Q/A email)

I honestly can’t speak from personal experience when it comes to using eyelash extensions. However, I looked into it a bit and conferred with one of my beautician friends. . . . → Read More: Feminine Sexy Eyes

Yield to Temptation

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. -Oscar Wilde

Admit it, the lure of lace and sweet embrace of satin has always had a hold on you. The sweet caress of a nice tight pair of panties cradling your curves sounds divine.

The feel of Haute . . . → Read More: Yield to Temptation