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The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. -Oscar Wilde

Admit it, the lure of lace and sweet embrace of satin has always had a hold on you. The sweet caress of a nice tight pair of panties cradling your curves sounds divine.

The feel of Haute hosiery is a luxury everyone should indulge in. Combine panties with silky nylons of stockings, and you’ll feel like a whole new world of decadence has spread open wide for you.

Life is meant to be lived lavishly and out our bodies are made to be adored, to dance, to sing and know the pleasure of earthly treasures. So why deny yourself? Be a little harlot of hedonism. So long as you still have a breath in your body, there is no expiration date for exploring yourself and what you long for. So give voice to your desires like a good little femme and tell me all about your inner life.

Still unsure of giving in to a little erotic experimentation? That’s quite alright as a little fear can fuel you to escape the confines of your comfort zone. Plus, my Mistress intuition I bet you are so cute when you are nervous. Let’s get those cheeks blushing and find that inner sissy just languishing and waiting to come out.  I want to be the catalyst, your curator into kink as you venture into the investigations of your feminine side.

Do you want to get in my pretty little knickers? Well, then you have permission to put them on.