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I received a sweet email from one of my dear sissies in regards to my Purse-nality. She wanted to know what my main purse of choice  was -not of the evening clutch or special occasion variety, but the day in and day out bag I used as well as the top 10 things in it I never want to do without.

Now, like many gals, I do have quite a collection of all sorts of purses but my old standby is this by GG Rose:


Chic, lightweight, goes with everything, easy to wipe clean  and I can wear it across my chest or on a shoulder comfortably.


Now my 5 must haves excluding essentials like wallet, keys, and phone since they are a given according to my dear sissy inquisitor, here are my picks:

  1. It may seem redundant to have a purse within a purse put I hike a lot so I have a mini bracelet pouch for the trail and can leave my bag in the car. etsy hand made etsy handmade 2.  A Vapur Water bag that take up way less room than a bottle. Water helps keep the skin supple and moisturized and stop you from wilting during the day.  Water bottle Bag 3. Something to chew on between meals that also works to keep breath fresh and clean. Strawberry Lime is delish! Gum 4. Light up compact mirrormirror5. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer for a little extra polish.Lip Shimmer6. Compact Brush

Brush it off

7. Mac Prep & Prime Liquid Sleep and Blemish Buster in a Bottle

Mac Highlighter Primer Base in One

8. Roll-On Fragrance by Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange


9. Cranbury Floss

10. Purse Holder -Perfect for restaurants and bars/clubs

**11. Foldable bags for shopping -no need for paper or plastic**

Ok I cheated that’s 11 😉