Sissy Squeak Toy

Today one of my best sissy pets came over and we decided for a DIY stay-in-spa day full of pampering and chick flicks. The most intriguing and unexpected surprise awaited me after we painted each other’s toes; iridescent hot pink for her and dark sparkling crimson for me. Somehow our pedicures turned into the beginning of an all-out tickle war! I was so shocked to find out what a little tickle torture slut she was!  We’ve known each other for years but this was news to me.

It was quite a shock that I could pin her down by her ankles and just lightly brushes my fingers along the soft soles and her delicate heels and giggles would wiggle out and burst forth with girlish glee. With every stroke of my hand, I could make her beg and plead for mercy.

It was too funny though. All those high pitched chortles and squeaks and whimpering yelps! I never knew how much fun a sissy squeak toy could be but now this is going to be part of our girl’s spa days from here on out.