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Sissy Horoscope 2016


Zodiac Signs by the Amazing Erte

Zodiac Signs by the Amazing Erte

Just for fun 😉

Air Signs: (Gemini Gals, Libra Ladies, & Aquarius Enchanters) 2016 will be a year of a reprieve and relaxation after a rather unsettled 2015. All the stress of the past will dissipate and you’ll feel a resurgence of creativity with many of your plans finally cumming into fruition. Moon begins starring in the show in the 1st degree of Libra leaving you with some smooth moon-sailing. This is the year to make your all your kinkiest dreams come true! Mars in Libra at the beginning of the year may make you lead the way and forge ahead so get out there and shine! A lunar eclipse in Libra this March helps your relationships take hold and you may find your partner extra clingy to your positive energy. If you are unattached steamy new romances may just be peeking beyond the horizon. Use your intuition as the year gradually unfolds.


Fire Signs (Aries Heiresses, Leo Lionesses, Sagittarius Sirens) Uranus (and no I don’t mean your anus 😉 ) in the embrace of Aries, makes your passionate pursuits take center stage. Pull on those panties and dance! Just be sure not to go too far inward (heehee) and close yourself off to potential parties while you are following your own star. 2016 will bring in a newfound patience and grace so take things as they come and don’t fret about the future. Your mistresses, fellow panty fanciers and partners all have your back (and possibly your ass), so don’t worry over things outside your control. You have the strength of others to buoy you up.


Earth Signs (Taurus Tarts, Virgo Vixens, Capricorn Countesses) Retrograding Mercury highlighting earth signs will make you feel utterly fresh & flawless! Buy those new nylons and dance. Now is the time to seize life by the balls. Jupiter along with the Northern node of the lunar whirl will occupy Virgo bringing in good fortune -be sure to pace out your bounty to get through the long summer haul of August. Come September and the solar soiree with Virgo during the eclipse will help give those hips an extra pop of confidence. This will be the perfect time to kick some ass in your professional arena.


Water Signs (Cancer Cuties, Scorpio Swingers, Pisces Princesses) Finally! All that uber-sensitivity will come in handy and provide an uncanny almost 6th sense like ability to hone in on what’s around the next bend. You will get in touch with yourself with the solar eclipse in Pisces this March. So masturbate and reconnect with the greatest love of your life: Yourself! Time to stop orbiting others and be the center stage of your own world for once since no one can be a better you than YOU! Another Eclipse in September will make you realize you are on the right path. Spring brings about a retrograde Mars after a fling spent with the sign of Scorpio. Feel the earth move under your feet -the sky won’t come tumbling down, I promise! Raise that glass of cosmic cocktail in a *Cheers* and dance in those high heels! You are on fire baby and lovin’ every minute of it.


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