Hello Sissies! I have a wonderful little humiliation whore I want to share with you today! I have talked about this li’l pet of mine that I share with another fabulous Mistress before in Co-Opt Kink Part 1 and Part 2 over on my MistressOfFantasy.com blog. “She” has really come a long way from just being a proverbial ugly duckling. In fact, check out her amazing swan 2 piece on dickdiddlerdave’s profile as well as the other pretty little pics.

Dickie bought me the same matching outfit (I dare say it looks completely different on me) as well as many other cute outfits to preen around in. However, knowing that the diddler has to mince around wearing the very same style sweet skater just thrills me more than anything!

See the pics HERE

Here’s a little update with dickie:


Miss Fiona,

Hello Miss Fiona. I wanted you to know that I received my “severe” punishment this weekend. Saturday, when I went to Miss Kristina’s, I was about 15 minutes late. On top of me already being on punishment, Miss Kristina had a very trying couple of days at work on Thursday and Friday and was not in the most tolerate mood to begin with. She lectured me about how disrespectful being late was. During her lecture, Samantha chimed in and began to insult me. Miss Kristina got so upset. With me watching, Miss Kristina took Samantha into the guest bathroom off the dining room and washed her mouth out with a bar of soap! Miss Kristina then told me that while Samantha was taunting me I gave her a very dirty look. I didn’t realize that I did but Miss Kristina is always right, so I apologized.

That wasn’t enough Miss Kristina said, as a male sub can be allowed to show not even the slightest bit of aggressiveness. I undressed and Miss Kristina put me on all fours on the couch and spanked my behind with my belt. Miss Kristina is usually fairly gentle when it comes to spankings, but not this time. It hurt really bad. Although I am not a masochist and I don’t generally enjoy pain like some subs do, the humiliation, especially with Samantha watching, was something of a turn on. Miss Kristina saw that I was beginning to get an erection, and that lead to another round of spankings. Samantha and I then were left to sit quietly in the corner, opposite corners of course. Miss Kristina left us there for a long time, about 4 hours.

Finally, she let us out but she made it clear we were to be on our best behavior. We made Miss Kristina dinner and sat quietly on the floor while Miss Kristina watched movies and had a few glasses of her favorite wine. Later we were allowed to each bring Miss Kristina to an orgasm before bed. Samantha couldn’t spend the night as she had to be somewhere early Sunday, and Miss Kristina let me sleep in bed with her which is usually a reward, which I thought was somewhat strange as I was being punished but I wasn’t going to complain.

On Sunday, Miss Kristina suggested I also make amends with you as well, so we selected a gift from your wish list. It’s “MUSIC LEGS Women’s Long Back Multi Layer Ribbon Trim Skirt”, I hope you like it. According to Amazon, you should get it Thursday. Before I left for work, Miss Kristina did tell me that there was still one more piece of my punishment yet to come, but other than that she never mentioned it. I went to work and then went home. I was off of work yesterday (Monday) and Miss Kristina send me a text telling me to meet her at her house in the evening. I did and when I got there Miss Kristina didn’t say much, just for me to get in her car as we were going out. I assumed we were going shopping or to dinner, but I figured out pretty quickly something else was happening. Miss Kristina drove, which is rare, I usually drive. She didn’t say anything until we had been in the car for about 10 minutes or so. Then she brought up the topic of me performing oral sex on another man. I had honestly thought I had done the right thing about that. I told Miss Kristina very truthfully that I did not really want to but I would try it for her if she wanted. Miss Kristina explained to me that I had handled it the exactly wrong way.

Miss Kristina said that she would have respected if after thinking over I had just said no, and she would have never brought it up again. But Miss Kristina said that if I were willing to try it, that I should have simply said yes, and even if I really wanted to please her, asked to do it. But instead, Miss Kristina said I made her feel bad about it because I would say yes but then say I don’t want to, which made her feel guilty.

A few minutes later we pulled up to a house I had never been to before and parked in the driveway. Miss Kristina said I knew what was coming and asked me if I wanted to turn around and go home. I said no and we got out of the car and went in the house. In the game room in the basement a man was waiting there, he and Miss Kristina didn’t say too much, but I know his name was Michael and he and Miss Kristina used to work together. He began to undress and Miss Kristina pulled off my t-shirt as he did. He was standing there naked, except for his socks, and started stroking himself. Miss Kristina gave me a little shove and I went over to him. While I must say I don’t find other men attractive in the least bit, with Miss Kristina watching I was very turned on. I started to stroke him for a few minutes. Miss Kristina came over and put her hand on my shoulder and started pushing me down, so I got on my knees right in front of the guy.

I was very intimidated I guess is the right word, but I closed my eyes and put his dick in my mouth like a good sub. He wasn’t really that big downstairs, smaller than me, but at times I still gagged if he went to far in. After a minute or two, he sat down and I got between his legs and went to work. I’ve never done it before, but as a guy I know what makes a blowjob feel good, so I guess I wasn’t to bad at it. Miss Kristina sat on the little couch across the room watching for awhile. I’m guessing Miss Kristina was rubbing herself under her skirt because I could hear her lightly moaning and “purring”. After awhile she came over and sat right next to Michael. He lasted a fairly longtime, maybe 15 minutes or so. I don’t think it was originally the plan but I heard them talking and eventually I felt Miss Kristina put her hand on the back of my head. Not even a minute later he came right in my mouth.

Miss Kristina held me from pulling away and even though it was kind of gross, I did my best to make her proud and I swallowed most of it. After he was finished he got dressed, he and Miss Kristina talked for a couple of minutes and then we left. The car ride back to Miss Kristina’s was awkward to say the least, but then Miss Kristina said she very proud of me and that it was a huge turn on for her so I felt good about that. Stopped at a red light she pulled her panties off and handed them to me, and they were completely soaked. Back at Miss Kristina’s we went upstairs and she let me go down on her. She had an orgasm almost immediately so she must have been turned on. She then gave me a reward and we had mind-blowing sex, the best sex I have ever had.

I will admit, I would never, EVER, do that on my own. But the feeling of being forced to suck off another guy while Miss Kristina watched was very exciting. And if Miss Kristina ever punishes me again like that I will gladly do it for her, even if we don’t have sex afterwards, although I hope we do! Of course, Miss Kristina has told Samantha all about what happened and she has been texting me all day teasing me about it. I’m sure you can imagine the names she’s called me. I just hope Miss Kristina didn’t send her any of the pictures she and Michael took on her phone.

Sorry for the really long e-mail, but obviously this isn’t something I am going to tell my friends or co-workers about. I also want to thank you, for not pressuring me to do it, but talking with me about the subject over emails and the phone. I hope your online sometime this week as I really would like to talk with you over the phone.



Here’s a little letter excerpt to ponder before voting on Dickie’s Destiny:

As seems to be a trend, I got in trouble again this weekend.  Miss Kristina has been coaching me on orgasm denial recently, and on Saturday during some interesting play, I had an “accident”.  It was only 5 days since my last orgasm on Miss Kristina says that was way too soon.  Even though I will be expected to edge daily, I will of course be denied an orgasm again for awhile.  Miss Kristina said he hasn’t decided on how long.  Since, as Miss Kristina puts it I “think very highly of you”, she thought it might be fun to let you decide.  Since my record is 9 days, Miss Kristina says I should be deprived at least that long.  But how long do you think I should be denied an orgasm?
10 days?
2 weeks?
3 weeks?

Add your opinion to be decided in finality  by Miss. K and I’ll add my vote to the mix too 😉