Hello all my Sissy Missies!

I wanted to send you all some kudos for showing off and sharing with me so many lovely pairs of panties, bras, corsets and nighties.

I especially love missy Monica’s cut-out heart bikini pair. When it was time to break out the  paddle, spanking that epicenter heart until it glowed red and swollen in a bas-relief of supple flesh  was such a rush. 😉 Bullseye! Target shooting the sweet-spot of that tushie in those panties was a cinch in a pinch!

But….Please don’t get those panties in a bunch!

It has come to my attention that as beautiful as all these lovely pieces have been on my sissy sluts and cum-catchers, all too often I see that not just the panties, but the hosiery as well as the bra straps when applicable have been put on in haste with twisted straps and seams all asunder. This cannot be comfortable even for the pain-bangers among you. Plus, it’s my prerogative to dish out the pleasure and pain.  So I want to see all of those undergarments put on neatly with straight seams, garter straps in place and pristine panties in the proper positioning, especially since you are going to have to bend over and show me for inspection.   Get ready for booty boot camp ladies! Don’t make me break out  my mean mistress mode. 😉