Hygge It Out

When we first feel the frosty nip of old jack frost tingling our toes, there is the jovial excitement of the oncoming celebrations to warm up our spirits and keep the blues at bay. Once we burn past the very last embers of the season however, (Nov-Ember, Dec-Ember) and well on into January, the dysphoria brought on by dark and grey days can start to feel barren and bleak.

Now I realize of course, many of my readers don’t necessarily reside in climates that have the distinction and the drama of nature cloaked in her four striking seasons. Even so, the time spanning between January 2nd to February 14th can feel less festive and lively than most other times of year no matter how balmy the locale. It’s almost like an emotional hangover from the holidays. Think about it, even though the holidays can be stressful, they are still an excuse to party, see friends and family, take time off from the daily grind etc.

So what can one do to brighten up the banal and banish the blues?

Hygge it up! Learn how to in my next post.