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Hello my lovely sissies!! Sometimes a picture is worth a 1,000 words so let’s go with a few of  those to start with.


Who is this lovely lady -other than my new gurl crush of course?


Sasha Brastoff!

Sasha was born Samuel Brostofsky and was a dancer for the Cleveland Ballet.

After he relocated to New York and showcased his artistic talent in window dressing for department stores,  and successful art exhibits of his lovely terracotta pieces. His illustrious creativity lead to him selling some of his work to the best and brightest collections in NY museums.

When he enlisted in the WW II efforts with the Army Air Corps, he still managed to bring his unique flair to USO shows and the Special Services Events Division.

She then went on to become a well known designer for movie sets, jewelry & costumes, painter, experimental magnesium sculptor and even performer for her impersonation of Carmen Miranda in the movie Winged Victory. 

Collecting more accolades her artwork propelled her to the top of her field and she  became known as one of the top ceramic artists in the US and an originator of the 1950s functional design movement and enjoyed playing with his and her different sides of feminine and masculinity which is yet another wonderful extension of her art.


I was lucky enough to find a pendant by Sasha B. for 7 dollars at Plato’s Closet and they retail for 100s a pop typically. I had no idea the lovely golden tree was of Sasha B.’s design or that there was even a Sasha B. for that matter, until I researched the artist mark on the back. So it all goes to show a little rummaging in retro consignment stores can lead to all sorts of wonderful discoveries!


You may want to add a few vintage stores to your sissy shopping destinations if you haven yet already. 😉