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Gurl Crush: The Grand Empress of Savannah

Gurl Crush: The Lady Chablis:  Daring Debutante of Drag


AKA Brenda Dale Knox (March 11, 1957 – September 8, 2016)

It is in celebration of this vibrant supernova of a lady and loving remembrance that I dedicate this post to: the always lovely Chablis who is currently performing her angelic striptease among the stars. Her sexy Georgian drawl, sparkling spangled spirit  & her crass and sass will  never be forgotten.

Transformation is nothing new to Miss Chablis who is a self-made woman that became the actress, author and drag performer that not only stole the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil but also was the show-stopping winner that took the title of  Miss Gay World Pageant with gleaming glee.  I don’t doubt that she’s still rocking the heavens with her sexy songs.

While we may be bereft here on earth, I highly encourage you to indulge in her luminous autobiography: Hiding My Candy by the very lady herself. It’s a inspirational memoir of her rough early life to her meteoric  rise to fame plus  beauty tips and even recipes! You’ll love this divine Diva Doll.




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