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“I keep hearing about eyelash extensions. Should I try them to make my eyes really pop?” -Gemma (from a Q/A email)

I honestly can’t speak from personal experience when it comes to using eyelash extensions. However, I looked into it a bit and conferred with one of my beautician friends. From my research, it seems that eyelash extensions can be a fun way to achieve a natural but still dramatic look. However, there are some things to consider.

COST -Prices range between $80-$500 depending on if you get a full or half set and if you get real or synthetic lashes and they can purportedly last anywhere from 4-12 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle. That a pretty broad range and typically 6-8 weeks is the average.  With good upkeep and gentle care that’s not too bad.  Touch-ups are recommended every 4-6 weeks by most companies though.

COMMITMENT TIME: 2-4 hours to get them all glued in. So be ready to make room in your schedule. 12-24 hours without swimming or getting them wet in the shower is typical aftercare as well.

SAFTEY: Make sure you find a good lash certified professional from a reputable salon. Also, Certain adhesives can cause sensitivity and allergic reaction.

*In some cases mascara can only be used on extensions at the very ends and eyelash-curling is a no-go zone.


For Feminine Sexy Eyes 

You can emphasis your eyes in other ways too. Never underestimate a good liner or eyeshadow. Isn’t it always a sissy pleasure to look like a treasure for your mistress no matter how you achieve the look? If you are tired of your same old beauty regime and tools than what better excuse for a sissy shopping trip?  Check out all the latest looks and goodies at the mall, and you may be surprised how much it can brighten your day as well as that sweet little face.


I prefer good old mascara and strips of lashes or the individual lashes with organic adhesive and apply them myself after watching just about every how-to youtube tutorial online. It’s cheaper and lasts for days plus I can take them off with a little warm water. Double Lash by Mavala is a great conditioner to keep your real lashes luscious. Just like with the extensions, make sure to do a spot test with any glue or eye product you plan to use for the first time on a small section on the underside of your wrist and wait to make sure there is no adverse allergic reaction before using on your lash-line. No matter how natural or organic, our skin can be allergic to anything so always be careful.