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As an exhibitionist that enjoys many different looks from over the top rocker edge, froth and frill to demure and understated, and even terrifically tacky, I tend to dress as my mood suits me with considerations more to the weather’s seasonal temps than the newest fashion forecasts. My instinct tends to lead me against the tide somewhat.


However, I do enjoy seeing what is trending since this lends a sneak peek to what directly influences supply and demand. Knowing what may be widely available and easily accessible makes it easy to shop and stock up and squirrel away old faves or give a little head up that scouring the consignment boutiques will be necessary for certain items that are less in vogue currently.


Sometimes, though, there will certain color inspirations or new combinations that really catch my interest.


For example, I am totally psyched that chokers are back in the stores. I can never get enough of them and pairing them with different low or simple necklines.

And the pink and yellow combo, though bold and bright, is the perfect pick-me-up for overcast fall days. Like a freshly squeezed lemonade with gems of soft pink strawberry slices.



What inspirations have you come across this autumn? Share your thoughts and fashion finds!