Best Lube for the Ol’ Slide and Glide


Missy Claire asked me in an email (which she is graciously letting me share for this post) what my favorite lube is since she needed some for her sissy-pussy toys. Well, it’s a matter of personal taste. Typically I only use a dab of coconut oil externally for clit-based play. However, some people are allergic to coconut oil, and it can be comedogenic to sensitive skin. Now if you want a lube that you don’t have to worry about incompatibility with anything else like condoms or toys made out of silicone, PVC, latex or rubber, go with a water-based lube.  And always check the label just to be sure before use.

And of course always exercise caution with sissy-pussy, and anal play and lube help both make call sessions and plain old masturbation sessions go smoothly. Heehee


Lubricant Tips:

-Remember that oil-based lubes shouldn’t be used with anything made from rubber, PVC or latex

-Silicone-based lubes will break down the silicone of toys like pocket-pussies etc.

– Hybrid Sex Lubes containing both water and silicon have compatibility variabilities so check recommendations on the package instructions.

BabeLube Motion Lotion

My brand of choice is BabeLube Natural Lubricant.  The viscosity isn’t as thick as other lubes so extra application is typically needed, but it’s made for mostly organic ingredients, isn’t tested on animals and has some great healing and emollients and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are paraben and glycerin-free without a bunch of artificial additives many other brands use. Plus its also 100% compatible with DIY food sex toys as well 😉