About Lady Fiona

FAST FACTS and Quick Stats:

Birthday: Jan. 6th

My LDW annivesary  is July 1st. So this summer 2016 will be my second year with this wonderful company

Location: Your wet dreams 😉 and the rest of the time ping-ponging around Maryland/VA/DC

Kinks: Game for all we do here at the Enchantrix Empire

Movie: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Book: Jane Eyre

Food: Extra spicy  mac ‘n cheese  and cupcakes for dessert

Voice Samples: Check It Out

Color:  Periwinkle or more aptly peri-twinkle since I love glitter ;).

Also I love to wear red and black.

Flowers: All of them especially wildflowers

Sport: Ball-busting both in the batting cages and in bed 😉

Hobbies: When not taming menfolk into subbies, or playing with my boy-toy and sissy pets, I love

singing in the shower, going to the beach for a swim, drawing/doodling,

botanical photography, jewelry-design, reading, music, hiking, movies, dancing

Music: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington Mary Prankster, Heart, Peggy Lee, Evil Stig, Pink Floyd, Rush, Blondie

Contact: 1 800 721 1962


SKYPE & Yahoo Chat: EnchantrixFiona

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I have been sissifying and cross-dressing boys since before I even knew what those terms meant. Everyone on my block growing up knew  if you wanted to play with me you had to look fabulous and I loved lending out my costumes, make-up, heels and just about everything else to bring out the beauty and femininity  in all my friends.

So if you a  full-on prissy gurl or a subtle sissy boy panty pet I love the whole damn spectrum. I never would have guessed  I would one day get to be a professional Sissifier! It’s a life’s passion come to fruition so let’s go play dress-up!