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Hello Snickerdoodles and tinsel tarts! I have had a sissy on my mind for a while now. Well, at least I think of this particular caller a full-blown official sissy. This said pet, let’s call her “Annabel”, does not think that sissy is an accurate title. You see, Annabel thinks that dressing up in full on make-up, dress and flirting at Halloween parties does not a sissy make. Nor does the fact that she knows more about lip-liner and VPL than even most fashion conscious women qualify her as an actual true sissy. No, no, Anabel thinks she is masculine enough that it does matter in the slightest.


The real test in her mind is actually sucking big, hard throbbing cock. Not just fantasizing about it, mind you, but rather engaging in the actual act itself. Now, of course, Anabel does dream about dick and even has been know to get on her dainty little tiptoes and kiss men goodbye.

But beyond the daydreams, no actual cock sucking as occurred…..yet.


To me, sissy is a state of mind that one has to embrace to really get the full benefits, but I don’t doubt Miss Annabel has potential -even if it makes her stamp her cute little heeled foot in defiance of that fact.